Connecting Urban Design to People

There are many ways to connect to learn, change and improve.

We connect to relationships, shapes, sizes, volumes, smell, sight, tastes, touch, sounds, subconsciousness and a lot of other things.

With every connection there is a NEME (Notice, Engage, Mull and Exchange) cycle involved. As we connect we subconsciously decide about how we spend our time in different ways. Thereby we change and evolve.

Broadly the different types of activities on which we spend our time are differentiated as follows:

a) Necessary activities (very specific goal oriented)

b) Optional activities (how we spend leisure time in meaningful ways)

c) Social (resultant) activities (these might be either desirable or undesirable)

Of the three broad activities ‘Optional activity’ is the best. It boosts productivity, prosperity and quality of life of a community or a society. It is followed by social activities that define the character of a community or society.

In Nemetics, creating scope for ‘Optional activities’ and desirable Social activities is done through design, which in Nemetics is listed under three broad headings (RMD) such as:

a) Design through Re-design (R)

b) Design of Maintenance (M)

c) Design by Destruction (D)

The presentation that follows describes the effect of Urban Design on creation of Necessary, Optional  and Social activities. This presentation was prepared by my son Rick De based on his final year (5th year of Architecture) dissertation on Urban Design. Incidentally this was cited as the best dissertation by the external jury.

Design and Urban activity (This is a Powerpoint presentation – right click to open in a new tab or window)

In my opinion features and functions of Urban Design determine the character of a city and the psyche of its dwellers — their growth, development, complexity and evolution.

What is your opinion?


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