Stories in our heads…

Here is a story as told by my friend Aditya Dogra:

Stories in Our Heads…

You can win an argument with a lady (some chance) but its difficult to surpass the innocence and intelligence of the kids. I am fascinated by Forensic anthropology or criminology. I can think of the most gruesome plot to a very simple murder spree. But while discussing on some of the very fundamental things with my 11 years old nephew, i accepted the defeat today.

It all started with news on the paper “husband committed suicide after killing wife and kids” . My nephew asked ” Machoo, what is suicide ?”.

I thought for a while and replied ” When people have lots of problems and they don’t know how to solve them, Suicide becomes a generic solution for their problem “.

He replied “Why don’t they give their problems to others to solve and then they don’t need this suicide kind of thing”.

I was thinking “how ignorant this kid is, he doesn’t know about how brutal life can be”, but replied calmly ” no son, we can’t give our problems to others and why will others solve our problems. Every life is full of problems, so all are busy with their own lives and their own worries “.

He replied ” It’s not fair, I think we can just give it to others”.

I asked “Ok, dude so if you mean we should share, then i agree. Sometimes just speaking out help us, but it’s not that others will solve our problems”.

He replied ” Machu, you know people should learn from Mathematics ” .

I interrupted him “learn from mathematics or learn mathematics , do you mean Mathematics is more complex than the problems of life”.

He emphasized “I said ‘Learn from mathematics’. Mathematics has tons of problems from first grade till my fifth grade and i heard we will keep on solving its problems till tenth standard, but does mathematics commit suicide. No, it just gives its problems to others to solve and live happily ..!!”

I closed my eyes and slept for half an hour to absorb that whole thought.

Lessons I Learned from this story:

We live in our own world created by concepts, theories, feelings, thoughts and stories. We like some. We love some. We hate many. We dislike many. But whatever that might be, over time, we safely store them in our subconscious. And it is this what creates and shapes our ‘fate’ through our behaviors.

We become responsible to communicate with kindness least it should harm a person by creating wrong stories in his/her mind.

It also gives us lots of hope that we can change our ‘fate’ as we realize seemingly ‘unchangeable fate’ is also imperfect and impermanent like a little snow flake on a river.


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